SKU: GS1657

The Girl of Season from KleanColor is specially coordinated for the girl who stands out from the crowd for her undeniable uniqueness. The
collection features a set of long wearing and chip-resistant nail polishes, irresistible combination of velvety shadow palettes, airy cream eyeshadows, assortment of face items for luminous complexion, and lustrous assemble of lip products. Discover your limitless beauty of signature, and be the Girl of Season!

This set contains:
• 4x eyeshadow palette
• 4x lip gloss
• 4x cream eyeshadow
• 2x blush brush
• 5x lip stick
• 2x press powder
• 2x blush & bronzer

• 2x lip liner pencil
• 2x duo eyeshadow applicator
• 1x pencil sharpener
• 6x nail polish
• 2x eyebrow/eye liner pencil

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